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Deck lights Illuminate Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck lights Illuminate Outdoor Living Spaces

Garden lights have become a standard feature in outdoor living spaces and deck lights are no exception. Deck lighting serves two main functions. First, they provide ambiance making the outdoor living space warm and inviting. Second, they are a great safety feature, particularly on steps because they light the way and reduce the possibility of tripping on the stairs in the dark.

Both electric and solar deck lights are available for home installation. Electric garden lights come in kits that include everything needed, including the transformer, wiring and the lights themselves. The homeowner just needs a few basic tools to get the job done.

Electric lighting can be programmed to turn on and off on a set schedule. This way, the outdoor living space can be enjoyed during waking hours but the lights will automatically turn off at a predetermined time so that electricity is not wasted.

Solar deck lighting and garden lights are becoming an extremely popular option because they use a clean, renewable energy source that doesn’t cost the homeowner a dime. The light’s solar panels absorb the sun’s rays during the day and charge the “battery”.

Then, when the light sensor indicates that the light level is low enough the lights turn on automatically and stay lit until the next morning when the sun rises. This time is a great safety and security feature since the garden lights will be lit all night long without incurring a large electricity bill.

Garden lights of all types have become more and more stylish over the past few years. There are a wide variety of styles available so you can select decking lights that compliment the house and help to further define the deck as outdoor living space.

When selecting the perfect deck light, keep in mind the overall style of the home. Is it traditional, or is it modern? The garden lights purchased should match the style of the home so they help maintain a seamless flow from indoors to out.

While the design of deck lights is an important consideration, functionality and budget must also be taken into account when deciding upon the perfect set up. Be sure to have a clear picture of what the deck lights are intended to accomplish before deciding what to buy. Finally, it’s not necessary to purchase the most expensive garden lights available.

There are plenty of mid- and even low-priced packages that perform quite well. As with most purchases, the best way to ensure a good deal is to shop around for the best price and a quality deck lighting package.

Beyond Brushing: Proper Oral Hygiene

Beyond Brushing: Proper Oral Hygiene

Most people already know just how important brushing your teeth is for good hygiene, but they do not realize that brushing alone is simply not enough. Every day your teeth are covered by an onslaught of food particles and other debris that if not properly removed will lead to serious decay. Below are some helpful tips for a long beach dentist to help your keep your smile healthy and bright.

Gargle a mouth full of apple cider vinegar each morning before brushing. Vinegar can actually remove stains, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria.

Brush baking soda at least once a week to remove stains and whiten your teeth. Simply use the baking soda just like you would use regular toothpaste. Make sure to always spit it out to avoid irritated gums.

Clean your tongue every morning with a tongue scraper to remove tongue plaque and bacteria. it is build up on the tongue that leads to bad breath. Daily scrapping is much more effective than simply brushing the tongue with your toothbrush.

Eat “detergent”€ foods. A detergent food is hard and crisp. Simply by eating these foods you clean your teeth. Some of the best detergent foods are apples, raw carrots, celery, and pop corn. Eating these foods will help you keep your teeth clean especially if you are unable to brush following a meal or snack.

Following these tips you will be able to ensure that your teeth and white and healthy. It is important that you don’t think that this will excuse you from regular professional cleanings. No matter how you good your personal oral hygiene may be you still need to have regular cleanings with you dentist. This will ensure that all the plaque is removed and give the dentist a chance to look for any other serious oral health conditions that may need attention.

A Comparison Of Latex And Memory Foam

A Comparison Of Latex And Memory Foam

There are essentially two types of foam mattress; the latex foam mattress and the memory foam mattress. The latex foam mattress is made using latex foam and can be either natural or synthetic in its origin. Latex is comfortable and durable when used in a mattress, in fact, it is able to retain its shape and characteristic even after many years of use.

Memory foam is, of course, a viscoelastic product that becomes more liquid when it comes into contact with a warm body giving it the tendency to mold itself around a body providing both significant comfort and support.

You can purchase a memory foam mattress and you can purchase a latex foam mattress but as yet you cannot purchase a latex memory foam mattress because of course latex foam and memory foam are essentially two different products.

However, both types of mattress are very popular so it is worth spending a little time comparing both products in order to give a sensible view of which perhaps is the best product to buy.

Consumer Choices

There appears to be something of a geographical split when it comes to the popularity of the different types of mattress. In the US the memory foam mattress is clearly in the ascendency and has become a very popular product for use in household products with perhaps the memory foam mattress at the top of the list in that regard.

Latex foam mattresses and indeed latex foam products generally have much more traction in Europe. There does not seem to be any particular cause of this difference; perhaps it is just historical but latex foam products are strong in European countries and likely to remain so.

The Feel Of The Mattresses In Use

Generally speaking, the feel of memory foam mattresses is well known. Users describe a sort of “sinking”€ or “melting”€ feeling when they first lie on the mattress and because the mattress molds itself around them supporting at all points they tend to describe the sensation as “cocooned”€ and of course exceptionally comfortable.

Not everyone likes the sensation experienced when lying on memory foam however and for those who do not the latex foam mattress which is springier and generally firmer to sleep on is an ideal alternative.

Price Comparison

Good quality memory foam products are quite expensive. A good quality memory foam mattress, such as a Temper-Pedic mattress will set you back up to $3000 and even cost around $800 at the starter end of the market.

On the other hand, the latex foam mattresses are a little less expensive, starting at around $300 and moving up to perhaps $1500 at the top end.

Other Similarities And Differences

Both latex and memory foam mattresses tend to give off a strange almost clinical smell when they are first bought. This usually wears off pretty quickly but in the case of memory foam especially the weird smell can last for several weeks.

Latex foam mattresses tend to last longer than memory foam, perhaps being twice as durable. Memory foam mattresses are better for those suffering from backache or chronic fatigue due to the way it molds to the body, reducing movement generally.

However molding effect can also be a drawback for memory foam as it tends to be slow to re-mould when you do change your position and can make sitting up a little awkward. Latex foam mattresses, on the other hand, are firmer, do not mold but over time can get a little out of shape.

Memory foam mattresses can absorb moisture and can get very hot, whereas there are fewer issues with latex foam mattresses in this regard. Memory foam is heavier and therefore harder to maneuver around, especially when initially installing. Although having said that, what mattress is easy to maneuver. None that I have ever come across.

In summary, latex foam mattresses are generally popular in European countries, are springy and durable but perhaps less therapeutic in benefiting sleep. They are however less expensive than their memory foam equivalents.

Memory foam mattresses are on the other hand popular in the US, fantastic for therapeutic sleep and generally more expensive than their latex counterparts. They both have a weird smell. Perhaps, in conclusion in order to get the best of both worlds a latex memory foam mattress should be manufactured. It would clean up in both Europe and the US 😉 .

Electric Garden Lights Are Just One Of Many Types Available

Electric Garden Lights Are Just One Of Many Types Available

As you plan out your garden you will want to be sure to add in garden lighting to enhance your yard’s appearance. Lighting is a very important finish to a landscaping project that done right. Nowadays you will find that there are more than just electrical garden lights to choose from when you visits your local hardware store.

Of course, heating your patio and garden space in the evening is an important step to take too. Without heating the areas, no matter how good they look you will not be able to use them as you would wish. We recommend taking a look at patio heating options at a good quality space heater review site.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different outdoor lighting choices to help you with your decision making process:

Landscaping Lights

Available in a variety of types, landscaping lights can be a hanging lantern or a dramatic spotlight. Lights that are suspended, like lanterns, are the best type of lighting for pathways that will be used on a regular basis. Ornamental or embellished lanterns delicately designed bring beauty to your garden area.

A spotlight is perfect for when you want lighting to shine on a specific area. Be careful where you position the spotlight so that it does not shine directly into the pathway or into ones eyes. Remember as you place your lighting that too much light can hamper someone’s visibility considerably.

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights can be a traditional type lamp post or an ornate multi-light arrangement. Most often this type of garden light is intended to provide general lighting that covers a large area.

Outdoor Deck Lighting

outdoordecklightingIn the area where you have just built your beautiful redwood deck, placing deck lighting will help to brighten the deck area and it offers your guests the ability to see clearly as you are entertaining or relaxing outdoors. Other types of outdoor deck lighting include wall sconces as well as railing lights. These types of lights are commonly used on decks as well as indirect lighting coming from spotlights that have been mounted underneath the railings.

Solar Garden Lights

For those instances when you do not want to run electricity for your lighting, the solar garden light option is easy to install and they are cost effective. These lights have become more popular over the past few years as more consumers are become more aware of environmental issues. You are able to purchase a solar light set in just about any style imaginable.

Outdoor Rope Lighting

rope-lightingUsed for many different purposes, outdoor rope lights have become a popular item for outside use. These lights can be used to outline a path way or to add flair to a deck railing. Although the rope lighting does not provide a much light, they look really great and they do provide some lighting as well.

When you have your general plan for your garden lighting project, you will then need to choose the type of garden lights you will want install. Here are the three basic types of categories when it comes to garden lights, sorted according to their source of power that they use:

Electric Garden Lights

Most commonly installed in a garden, electric garden lights provide adequate lighting and are made to last. The electrical type typically requires pre-planning before they are installed because they need to be wired into your home’s electrical supply with the use of a switch on the outside or sometimes inside of your home. The switch provides the user an easy way to turn the lighting on and off without having to exit their home.

Solar Powered Lights

If your garden is a green garden, then you will probably want to choose solar powered lights to illuminate your area. The solar type of lighting operates with a rechargeable battery that derives its power from the sunlight throughout the day. This type of lighting is the least expensive lights to operate, and in some cases they may be slightly higher to purchase.

Outdoor Gas Lights

Outdoor Gas Lights powered by fuel usually include a small reservoir or canister that holds the fuel in place safely. The reservoir must be refilled and lit by hand and they require more effort to operate than any other type of garden lights. But the fuel lighting provides a lovely flickering effect that cannot be duplicated with any other type of lighting and is always worth the effort.

Garden lights are really important if you desire to create that peaceful retreat in your secluded paradise. Whether you choose electrical garden lighting, solar garden lights or traditional outdoor gas lights, you and your guests will enjoy the entertaining possibilities that garden lighting will provide.

Loft Bunk Beds With Stairs

Loft Bunk Beds With Stairs

To enhance any child’s bedroom, adding bunk beds with stairs is a wonderful way to accomplish that goal. A variety of bunk beds are available today. There are ones that are shaped in an L pattern, there are lofts that are accessed by stairs, there are ones with a bed on top and a futon on the bottom, and many more styles as well.


But, a bunk bed that includes stairs is even more special since the stairs provide more practicality to the bed. Rather than a conventional ladder or steps, the stairs provide a way for the kids to get to the top. Moreover, the stairs also offer an extra storage space in the room. The child can put all kinds of things in this space, making the bed more practical.

Safety Factors

In addition, the stairs offer quite a bit more safety since they are easier to climb and descend than is a traditional ladder, which requires more advanced skills than it takes to go up or down a set of stairs. Bunk beds are attractive to kids because they feel like they have a club house of their very one right in their bedroom. Such a bed will provide a lot of fun for kids because they can turn it into anything they can imagine.

Other  Factors

How much these beds cost is largely based on how big it is and what style has been chosen. A bunk bed that includes stairs and is made out of wood is going to be more expensive since the raw materials are more expensive. Another drawback is that a bunk bed made of wood is not easy to put up and can be hard to rearrange if you need it in another room. Bunk beds that include stairs are going to cost any where from $1,000 to $3,000 based on the brand.

As you think about purchasing a bunk bed, which can include many complicated components such as stairs or storage space, you should begin your search on the Internet. After you complete your research, you can visit a high-end furniture shop where you live and purchase your bed from it. In many cases, stores will ship the bed and put it together at a reduced cost, or maybe even for free.

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid and Foods that Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid and Foods that Lower Cholesterol

When you are young, it doesn’t seem like you have to worry about healthy foods at all and you can enjoy almost anything you like. But as you grow older and your body begins to catch up to certain eating habits, you can find yourself faced with problems such as weight gain or high cholesterol levels. There is nothing fun about finding out that you have elevated cholesterol levels and it can inspire a bit of panic from some people. The most important thing to remember is that finding out you have elevated cholesterol levels is actually a good thing because now you can take the steps necessary to solve the problem. It might also be just the thing to inspire you towards a healthier diet that will allow you to still enjoy some of your favorite foods. The key is to educate yourself on various foods high in cholesterol in addition to incorporating as many foods that lower cholesterol into your regular diet.

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

Fried and High in Cholesterol

Fatty meats – meat gets a pretty bad rap these days as being unhealthy for your overall diet. And of course there will always be vegetarians who tell you not to eat meat for a variety of reasons. Meat isn’t something that you have to look to eliminate completely in your daily menu, but moderation and healthy choices are the key. When it comes to cholesterol levels you need to be careful about consuming various types of meat with high-fat content. Also keep in mind that most meat dishes are served with various sides they can be high in cholesterol themselves. For example, everybody loves a nice juicy roast from time to time but think about what goes into the gravy. Most people use fat drippings from the roast which in itself is pure fat and oil.

Chicken skin – chicken is often recommended as an alternative to eating red meat. It is the perfect choice for lean type of meat that also absorbs a variety of different flavors. But of course there is the tempting problem of chicken skin which is obviously delicious and the favorite part of eating chicken for many people. Just remember that you are increasing your caloric intake in addition to fat and cholesterol levels if you eat too much chicken skin.

Organ meats – this usually isn’t a problem for most people since they don’t eat a lot of organ meats anyways. It can actually be a good source of other things like iron and protein if you prepare them properly. But if you are experiencing high cholesterol levels then you should not tempt fate by eating organ meats too often.

Egg yolks – there is the popular image of athletes who train for important events while gulping down cups full of whole eggs. Whether or not this is an effective training technique is debatable, but it’s clear that it’s a fast way to high cholesterol levels. Egg whites on the other hand are something you can enjoy without having to worry, and there are many creative ways you can use them in a variety of recipes.

Saturated fats – there’s a lot of terms floating around these days such as saturated fats, trans fats, and LDL cholesterol. But let’s keep things simple and work with terms that people are familiar with. When it comes to saturated fats anything that is oily or greasy is going to fall into that category. Things like butter may taste great but you probably already know that you shouldn’t eat too much of it on a regular basis. Trans fats are a key component to processed snack foods such as chips and cookies and should be avoided as well.

Desserts – there’s nothing like a nice rich cake topped with icing to finish off a meal. Fortunately, a lot of the desserts we enjoy today are extremely high cholesterol and you need to be careful about consuming them to regularly. They also contain high amounts of sugar and one serving of a popular dessert might be more sugar than you need for a couple of days.

Dairy products – milk still does a body good but you should be fully aware of what type you are putting into your body. Homogenized milk is not something you should be drinking on a regular basis and you should aim towards products such as skim milk or one percent. Butter has already been mentioned and this is considered a dairy product, as is cheese and ice cream. Sour cream is an extremely popular topping for baked potatoes but unfortunately, it is also considered one of the high cholesterol foods to avoid in your daily diet.

Cooking Methods

Tempting Burger and Hashbrowns
Tempting Burger and Hashbrowns

It’s also essential to take a look at the cooking methods you use to prepare certain foods. Some methods are more conducive to high cholesterol than others because of the various components involved in the process. For example, it shouldn’t come as a major shock that deep frying is not great for your cholesterol levels no matter how healthy of an ingredient you actually drop into the fryer. Whenever possible, using methods like poaching or steaming can help to lower cholesterol levels simply because you aren’t using as much hydrogenated cooking oil.

Here is a list of common high cholesterol foods to avoid. You may recognize some of them as regular parts of your diet. Again, no one is telling you to eliminate all of these things completely – just be smart about how often you enjoy them and take the time to balance out your diet with foods that lower cholesterol as well.

  • Burger and fries
  • Pizza
  • pork chops and gravy
  • Grilled steak and a baked potato with all the toppings
  • Fried chicken
  • Chocolate cake
  • Cookies
  • Potato chips
  • Ice cream
  • Doughnuts

So now you have a better idea of what you should be avoided in your daily diet. What types of substitutions can you make? The key is to find things that you actually enjoy eating because no one is going to be able to stick with a low cholesterol diet if they don’t like it in the first place. Rather than going for short bursts at a time where you deprive yourself of certain types of food, it’s far better to come up with a comprehensive approach that will eventually evolve into new healthy eating habits. Learning how to cook is going to come in extremely handy in determining what types of food you eat on a daily basis. The good news is there are a variety of ways you can prepare foods that lower cholesterol that won’t sacrifice taste or your overall enjoyment.

Foods that lower cholesterol

Oatmeal – many people skip breakfast for a variety of reasons and this is never recommended if you want to maintain a healthy diet. Sometimes convenience is a factor and other times people want to keep their calorie count in check by skipping the first meal of the day. But in the end, it’s important to start your day off with the boost of energy that will also help to curb your hunger as you approach night time. Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast food that you can also combine with a selection of fruits to give you the perfect start to your day.

Healthy and Fresh Veggie Mix - watch the dip!
Healthy and Fresh Veggie Mix – watch the dip!

Olive Oil – olive oil adds a distinct taste to any dish that you added to and it has many health benefits as well. It’s considered one of the best foods that lower cholesterol even though it is technically a type of oil. But it can be drizzled on anything ranging from salad to pasta, and offers a wonderful alternative to any other type of oil in your kitchen cabinet.

Garlic – in addition to having antibacterial properties garlic is well known to be something that can help with cholesterol levels. But even putting the health benefits aside, there are so many dishes that are made even better with the addition of garlic. It can be just a touch you need to keep yourself interested in some foods that you have grown bored of eating.

Berries – fruits like blueberries are excellent for helping you to lower cholesterol and they are handy snack that comes in a natural package. Rather than reaching for a bowl full of candy or potato chips, you can feel good about eating blueberries or raspberries without compromising your health. Just be aware that they are somewhat notorious for having teeth-staining properties.

Broccoli – broccoli is an excellent source of nutrition and there are many ways to boost the taste level when preparing it. It’s probably not the most popular vegetable out there but in terms of health, it really can’t be beat.

Fish and salmon – salmon is actually high in the good type of cholesterol that you should be looking for on a regular basis. Best of all there are many brilliant recipes that bring salmon to life and it is very easy to prepare if you know what you’re doing. It can be grilled, poached, baked, or even eaten raw if you are a fan of sushi. The Omega three fatty acids lower the bad type of cholesterol in addition to having beneficial effects for your skin as well.

Nuts – almonds, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts – all are good choices that make great snacks and they have antioxidant properties as well. Just make sure to eat them in its natural form as possible without a lot of added salt.

Soy products – with a bit of creativity you can incorporate soy products into various dishes to add an interesting taste and texture. There are many dishes that come from other cultures that utilize soy to perfection, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Yogurt with probiotics – this is a delicious dessert alternative that you can have instead of eating a cholesterol filled cake. It’s also good instead of ice cream or as a simple snack to keep yourself going in the middle of the day. You can also combine it with fruits to improve the nutritional value.

Big Mistakes People Make When Losing Weight

Big Mistakes People Make When Losing Weight

The basic premise behind losing weight seems simple, and most people understand the science behind it. When you burn a certain number of calories, your body will respond with weight loss. But the actual day-to-day implementation of losing weight often falls off the proper path. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it can be so tempting to use shortcuts for faster results. It’s definitely problematic when someone can lose weight without following any healthy rules at all. There are many mistakes that people can make in an effort to get the body they want, and here are some of the most common you should avoid.

Shortcuts and starvation – let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first. Even people who fully understand the biology of weight loss will be tempted to skip meals or deprive themselves of food altogether. Remember, there are no instant diet pills or supplements you can take that will magically burn fat away, and if you simply go without food, your metabolism will slow down almost calorie for calorie, as your body switches into ‘starvation mode’ to preserve fat – the opposite effect than intended. (This is why people’s weights go back updramatically after they ditch a starvation diet; they go back to eating tons of food, but their metabolisms rarely return to previous levels, and so calories are stored as fat even more efficiently than before the diet.) It’s far better to stick with the basics of good eating and plenty of daily activity if you expect to get results that will actually last.

Reading recommendation
Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald

No planning – did you actually have a plan the last time you tried to lose weight? Chances are it was more like a situation where you decided you wanted to get thinner and then existed on a day-to-day basis. A lot of people know that they want to lose weight but they don’t really think about an overall plan in order to make it come to life. It’s not just about forcing yourself to eat better, you should collect as much information as possible so that you become more aware of your daily patterns. This information related to food and exercise is vital for adapting your approach in the future, so it’s a great idea to keep a food diary, and also a record of your exercises, so you can figure out what times of the day you feel more energetic, and plan your time more effectively. Are you a morning exerciser? Or do you prefer to hit the treadmill when you get back from work to burn off the stresses of the day? We’re all different, and you need to find your perfect exercise time to make sure you keep coming back for more!

No help – a lot of people try to lose weight without asking for any help at all, and this can be a huge mistake. There are many steps along the way that will prove to be mental and emotional challenges, and that’s exactly why you need somebody at your side. Swallow your pride and ask for help from friends or family, or consult a physician for medical help. The more people you have contributing to your success, the better the odds you’ll succeed.

No exercise – if you concentrate on food alone you could be making one of the biggest mistakes associated with fast weight loss. A lot of people choose to go with fat-free diets or they might spend a lot of time searching for the latest healthy recipes. But the key to losing weight is boosting your metabolism and one of the best ways to do that is with cardiovascular exercise that incorporates a bit of weight training as well. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive home exercise equipment or join a gym, but you should at least try to work walking into your daily routine. Remember, it is lean muscle mass which burns body fat – no other tissue in your body will do that, so it’s wise to add a few air squats and push-ups to your exercise regime, to strengthen those muscles. Increasing the incline on your running machine is a great way to build muscle strength in your legs as well.

Obsession – for some people losing weight becomes their entire life as they are consumed with the numbers they see on the scale. If you find yourself constantly weighing yourself or looking in the mirror while pinching your fat, you might be going too far. It’s important to find a balance between a regular happy life and taking careful measures to ensure you maintain good health. Promise yourself that you will measure your weight and a few body dimensions (eg waist, hips, thighs etc) just once per week – no more! When you do things properly, a natural by-product will be a slimmer body so don’t focus on weight loss alone.

What You Need to Know About Buying a Treadmill

What You Need to Know About Buying a Treadmill

We decided to branch out the site into healthy living as well as BBQ Gear. This is a guide to buying an electric treadmill and hope it will guide you to making a great decision and more importantly using your treadmill to get fit.

Electric treadmills have a lot of components, more than any other exercise equipment. Before you buy an electric treadmill, be sure to understand what are the most important features, and decide which of them are necessary to your success at working out on a treadmill

Motor: Arguably the most important part of an electric treadmill, the motor needs to be at least 1.5 continuous horsepower. If you plan to do a lot of sprinting, or run for long periods of time, consider getting a 3HP motor.

Belt: Another extremely important feature, the belt needs to be durable and wide enough for you to run on comfortably. A narrow belt may make you feel unbalanced, like you’re on a tightrope. There are orthopedic belts available too, if stress on your joints is a consideration.

Rollers: Often overlooked, the rollers are a clue as to the quality of the treadmill you’re looking at. The larger the diameter of the roller, the longer it will last.

Dimensions: Where will you put your treadmill in your home? Be sure you purchase one that fits into the space you have for it. Also make sure there’s an electrical outlet near it, so you can plug it in.

Incline/Decline: Almost all treadmills have the ability to incline the platform, which simulates running uphill. Some models allow for a decline too, to simulate running downhill, which most people love having available, to keep their workouts interesting.

Cushioning: One of the big advantages of treadmills over road running is their ability to absorb some of the shock from your feet striking the surface, which saves your legs and joints. How they do this is definitely part of the price tag: rubber, springs or even “variable durometer elastomers” which are a combination of stiff rubber and softer rubber and are considered the be the best cushioning device.


Frame: Usually either aluminum or steel which are obviously then either lighter or heavier. Steel is usually preferable, as it feels more stable when you’re running on it. Also look for whether the frame is bolted or welded together: welded frames are considered to be higher quality.

Computer: Here’s where you can save some money, depending on what kind of workout you need. If all you need is to be able to adjust speed and incline easily, then you can cut the price tag considerably. However, a treadmill is an investment that you plan to use for many years, so it’s wise to spend a few extra dollars now and get all the features you might want in the future, like programmed workouts that vary the incline and speed throughout your run to keep it interesting.

Display Screen: Can be either LCD or LED. LED is easier to replace than LCD screens.

Max Speed: Usually about 8 to 10 mph. If you’re a seriously fast runner, look into getting a commercial treadmill such as what’s found in high-end gyms.

Max Incline: Usually about 10-20% incline, which is plenty for anyone who just wants to vary their workout. If you’re a marathon runner or something, you can get ones that incline up to 40%

Warranty: Definitely try to get one that includes labor, so you won’t have to try and replace parts yourself. Also look for a “return to base” clause, which means you have to take it to the service center. If you have a small car, that might not be feasible, so be sure you’re getting one that includes having the technician come to your home.


In general, buying an expensive piece of equipment like a home treadmill is not something you can do on a whim. And while you can save money buying one second hand, you might miss out on a warranty that could save you having to buy another one in a couple years. It’s best to try out any electric treadmill before buying, and certainly wise to buy from a local fitness store with a good reputation, so you have someone to call if anything goes wrong.

When you get your treadmill, make sure you use it safely:

Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Just a little aside as we had some problems with our washing machine this week and I wanted to run through some of the thought process we went through in order to fix ours. My focus here is to give you some tools and solutions to get yourself out of trouble when your washing machine stops working for no apparent reason. First, lets start by saying that there are several reasons why a washing machine will stop working. Some of them are, broken parts, overheating, electric problems, electronic problems, electricity shortage, etc.

While the causes are numerous, there are some easy ways to determine why your appliance did stop working and we are going to explain those methods further on this page. So, here are the most frequent washing machine problems:

Washing Machine Troubleshooting: Establishing your diagnostic

First and foremost, you have to check if your washing machine is still under tension. Often times, your machine will stop working simply because of a flipped off breaker circuit. So please, make sure that the machine washer breaker circuit is on the “ON” position before further investigation.

If your machine washer is indeed under tension and that it is correctly plugged, then you need to verify a few things: Water valves (make sure they are turned on), lid switch (what makes your washer work when you close the lid), overheating (your machine is probably overheating, let it rest for a bit).

If none of those work, further testing is required and calling a technician is advised.

If your machine washer does fill and spin, but does not pump the water out, then you have to check the drain. A small piece of clothing like a sock might be obstructing the drain line. Contacting a technician is advised for anyone with a low level of knowledge on machine washers.

An other washing machine troubleshooting problem is when you hear the motor running, but there is no tank filling or spinning. One of the main reasons for this is a broken pulley or blocked inlet screens. If it is the case, you will need to call a technician to replace the defective pulley or clean the inlet screens.

If your machine Washer is shaking and dancing when spinning, you probably need to adjust the feet underneath the machine washer. Use a level to make so. An other reason for this is when the clothes are unbalanced in the tub. Watch out for this, as it can be very harmful on your machine!

If your washing machine is leaking or you find that there is water flowing from under or behind the appliance, you need to make sure that the hoses behind the machine are in good shape and properly plugged. If the hoses are ok, then one of the internal parts of your washer like the tub or draining device may need to be replaced and contacting a technician is advised.

Cheap Washer and Dryer Sets

If you are searching for cheap washer and Dryer sets, your best bet is to look for deals under 600$ during sales events like after holiday sales. Many retailers like Walmart and Bestbuy will offer advantageous prices on washer and dryer sets like LG, GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore , Huebsch, Amana or Haier. Huebsch and LG are your best bets as they offer the best bang for your buck.

Cheapest Washing Machine

The cheapest washing machine brands are often LG and whirlpool. Both are often very good quality appliances and you should not pay over 600$ for one of those appliances if you are searching for a low price deal. Both will offer a good quality/price score and you should take a look at BestBuy and Walmart every week to find such deals.

Second Hand Washing Machines

To find the best deals on second hand washing machines, I suggest you search the web for local deals or for retailers offering low priced shipping. There are dozens of deals online and you will often find cheaper machines on the internet. Your best bet is yo find machines that are no more than 3 years old and never pay above 300$ for a second hand washing machine. To find good deals, you simply need to follow links to second hand retailers online.

Brief Guide to Bike Racks For Cars

Brief Guide to Bike Racks For Cars

Bike racks for cars are one of the essential equipment pieces that many passionate biking enthusiasts need to have. This provides them with a convenient way to transport their bicycles to and from their next biking destination. If you are in the market for bike racks, here are some essential facts that you need to know about them.

  • Bike racks need to be a perfect match for your vehicle. When you go around checking out the available bike racks in your shop, you should verify if the bike rack is compatible for your particular vehicle. A compatible bike rack ensures that the rear visibility of the car is not compromised when a bike is mounted on the bike rack. It will also ensure that the stop lights, signal lights and other important parts of the vehicle are not obstructed by the bike.
  • When you go out buying bike racks for your cars, always be on the lookout for deals and other items that can add to the value of the bike rack purchase. Some vendors provide additional freebies as well as discounts on other items when you buy a particular bike rack. For example, there is a big chance that you get a north face jester backpack sale when you go out and buy a particular bike rack at the right time.
  • Bike racks need to be durable, strong and feature a quality build. This ensures that they can securely hold your bike on all kinds of conditions. Bike racks are mounted outside your car. This means they are exposed to all kinds of weather elements. If you get a good quality bike rack, you can ensure that your bike is secure when you drive to your next biking destination even under the rain.


  • Bike racks should be easily installable by yourself. If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself. This is especially true with bike racks. If you have to depend on others, they might not give the same care for your vehicle as you do. This is why it is a good idea to get a bike rack that you can easily install yourself.

If you want to know how to install your car bike rack check out the video here: