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Deck lights Illuminate Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck lights Illuminate Outdoor Living Spaces

Garden lights have become a standard feature in outdoor living spaces and deck lights are no exception. Deck lighting serves two main functions. First, they provide ambiance making the outdoor living space warm and inviting. Second, they are a great safety feature, particularly on steps because they light the way and reduce the possibility of tripping on the stairs in the dark.

Both electric and solar deck lights are available for home installation. Electric garden lights come in kits that include everything needed, including the transformer, wiring and the lights themselves. The homeowner just needs a few basic tools to get the job done.

Electric lighting can be programmed to turn on and off on a set schedule. This way, the outdoor living space can be enjoyed during waking hours but the lights will automatically turn off at a predetermined time so that electricity is not wasted.

Solar deck lighting and garden lights are becoming an extremely popular option because they use a clean, renewable energy source that doesn’t cost the homeowner a dime. The light’s solar panels absorb the sun’s rays during the day and charge the “battery”.

Then, when the light sensor indicates that the light level is low enough the lights turn on automatically and stay lit until the next morning when the sun rises. This time is a great safety and security feature since the garden lights will be lit all night long without incurring a large electricity bill.

Garden lights of all types have become more and more stylish over the past few years. There are a wide variety of styles available so you can select decking lights that compliment the house and help to further define the deck as outdoor living space.

When selecting the perfect deck light, keep in mind the overall style of the home. Is it traditional, or is it modern? The garden lights purchased should match the style of the home so they help maintain a seamless flow from indoors to out.

While the design of deck lights is an important consideration, functionality and budget must also be taken into account when deciding upon the perfect set up. Be sure to have a clear picture of what the deck lights are intended to accomplish before deciding what to buy. Finally, it’s not necessary to purchase the most expensive garden lights available.

There are plenty of mid- and even low-priced packages that perform quite well. As with most purchases, the best way to ensure a good deal is to shop around for the best price and a quality deck lighting package.

Electric Garden Lights Are Just One Of Many Types Available

Electric Garden Lights Are Just One Of Many Types Available

As you plan out your garden you will want to be sure to add in garden lighting to enhance your yard’s appearance. Lighting is a very important finish to a landscaping project that done right. Nowadays you will find that there are more than just electrical garden lights to choose from when you visits your local hardware store.

Of course, heating your patio and garden space in the evening is an important step to take too. Without heating the areas, no matter how good they look you will not be able to use them as you would wish. We recommend taking a look at patio heating options at a good quality space heater review site.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different outdoor lighting choices to help you with your decision making process:

Landscaping Lights

Available in a variety of types, landscaping lights can be a hanging lantern or a dramatic spotlight. Lights that are suspended, like lanterns, are the best type of lighting for pathways that will be used on a regular basis. Ornamental or embellished lanterns delicately designed bring beauty to your garden area.

A spotlight is perfect for when you want lighting to shine on a specific area. Be careful where you position the spotlight so that it does not shine directly into the pathway or into ones eyes. Remember as you place your lighting that too much light can hamper someone’s visibility considerably.

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights can be a traditional type lamp post or an ornate multi-light arrangement. Most often this type of garden light is intended to provide general lighting that covers a large area.

Outdoor Deck Lighting

outdoordecklightingIn the area where you have just built your beautiful redwood deck, placing deck lighting will help to brighten the deck area and it offers your guests the ability to see clearly as you are entertaining or relaxing outdoors. Other types of outdoor deck lighting include wall sconces as well as railing lights. These types of lights are commonly used on decks as well as indirect lighting coming from spotlights that have been mounted underneath the railings.

Solar Garden Lights

For those instances when you do not want to run electricity for your lighting, the solar garden light option is easy to install and they are cost effective. These lights have become more popular over the past few years as more consumers are become more aware of environmental issues. You are able to purchase a solar light set in just about any style imaginable.

Outdoor Rope Lighting

rope-lightingUsed for many different purposes, outdoor rope lights have become a popular item for outside use. These lights can be used to outline a path way or to add flair to a deck railing. Although the rope lighting does not provide a much light, they look really great and they do provide some lighting as well.

When you have your general plan for your garden lighting project, you will then need to choose the type of garden lights you will want install. Here are the three basic types of categories when it comes to garden lights, sorted according to their source of power that they use:

Electric Garden Lights

Most commonly installed in a garden, electric garden lights provide adequate lighting and are made to last. The electrical type typically requires pre-planning before they are installed because they need to be wired into your home’s electrical supply with the use of a switch on the outside or sometimes inside of your home. The switch provides the user an easy way to turn the lighting on and off without having to exit their home.

Solar Powered Lights

If your garden is a green garden, then you will probably want to choose solar powered lights to illuminate your area. The solar type of lighting operates with a rechargeable battery that derives its power from the sunlight throughout the day. This type of lighting is the least expensive lights to operate, and in some cases they may be slightly higher to purchase.

Outdoor Gas Lights

Outdoor Gas Lights powered by fuel usually include a small reservoir or canister that holds the fuel in place safely. The reservoir must be refilled and lit by hand and they require more effort to operate than any other type of garden lights. But the fuel lighting provides a lovely flickering effect that cannot be duplicated with any other type of lighting and is always worth the effort.

Garden lights are really important if you desire to create that peaceful retreat in your secluded paradise. Whether you choose electrical garden lighting, solar garden lights or traditional outdoor gas lights, you and your guests will enjoy the entertaining possibilities that garden lighting will provide.

Tiki Torches: Bring a Touch of the Islands to your Backyard

Tiki Torches: Bring a Touch of the Islands to your Backyard

In my opinion there is nothing better than sitting on our patio in the summer evening with soft music in the background and the tropical glow of our metal tiki torches.  We live in Ohio and just love Hawaii and the islands.   There is no better way to bring that home with you than accenting your backyard or patio with a set of tiki torches.  Torches create a unique and exotic feel to any space they may be placed in. These charming torch-style flame lights have become quite popular in the last decade. They are designed to resemble torches that are commonly used on beaches. Consumers love them as they evoke feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Homeowners desire to illuminate their outside living areas with unique lighting designs without spending a lot of money. This has never been more easily accomplished than when using torches. Luckily, for consumers today, the numerous selections available both locally and online have never been more diverse.

Bamboo Metal Tiki Torches

These are perhaps the most common style of torch. Bamboo is a natural element and as such blends well with any outside environment. The compartment designed to hold the oil is constructed of metal and is encased in bamboo. This allows the oil to burn safe and efficiently. Most often torches are placed in the ground on a stake. However, there are numerous table top tiki torches available to consumers as well.

Black Metal Tiki Torches

A metal torch is a simple design that is built to be durable and functional. This style of torch is often manufactured to resemble an antique design. They blend beautifully with any decor that incorporates wrought iron as outside furniture so often does. Black metal tiki torches are a neutral color and will enhance any other color that it is placed with.

Copper Tiki Torches

Copper is the ultimate in torch selection. Beautiful and distinctive, they become even more so with the advancement of time. Copper has a truly fine-looking finish when first purchased. This may be polished on regular intervals if the original finished is desired, however; most consumers prefer for the finish to age naturally to a fine patina. maui-tiki-torchThe longer the torch remains outdoors the quicker it will begin to age in a most natural and beautiful way. Copper tiki torches will be sold for a higher fee and most consumers agree the extra money spent is well worth it. For an even more handcrafted look many are sold that have a hammered appearance. Maui tiki torches are very highly sought after. These can be a tabletop variety or may be attached to a metal stake.

Prices are quite moderate with most being sold for under $25 for a set of eight. Designer torches that incorporate natural elements such as mother of pearl or sea shells are normally sold at a higher fee. Torches are now being made that incorporate many different elements including glass, ceramic and aluminum. A tiki torch can even be made to resemble a wall sconce. For those areas outside your home that you wish were more like an actual room, a wall sconce tiki torch may just be the perfect lighting solution.

Tiki torches are a perfect way to create an oasis in your own backyard. Any backyard or patio can be transformed into a relaxing and tranquil oasis. Whether you are shopping for traditional tiki torches or something that is exceptional in design such as nickel and glass, the selections are numerous. Transform your average patio into a space you can be proud of.